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Welcome to AIO Therapeutics

World's First Integrated Insulin Delivery System

At AIO therapeutics, we’re passionate about building integrated therapeutic systems that will disrupt the industry. Since 2019, we’ve been working on an all in one pen system that will revolutionize diabetic treatment. The proposed system seamlessly integrates the lancing device, glucometer and the insulin pump in the same device.

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The Problem - Insulin Therapy Adherence

Almost 2 out of 5 people worldwide inject insulin incorrectly. This is because the current procedure is complicated and time-consuming. With this system, the aim is to increase the subjects' adherence using an automated system that can help reduce hospitalisation and fatality. 

Current procedures of insulin administration require patients with diabetes to measure their own glucose level. Moreover, patients have to be well-educated on how to accurately converting intake carbohydrate and blood glucose level to the required insulin dosage. They may also need to perform these painful procedures and complicated calculations three or more times daily. These sophisticated procedures largely lower their adherence to follow the prescription.

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Our Solution

The user first manually loads a commercial testing strip, lancet, and insulin needle. The pen system is initiated by our developed mobile application. The user then will have to place the device at the desired injection site. After device placement, the system will extract blood.  The onboard glucose meter measures the blood glucose level and converts it into the required insulin dose. The delivered insulin dose, the measured blood glucose, and the intake carbohydrate content are automatically recorded on the developed mobile application.

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All in one pen system

Version 1 - Integrated Delivery System

Demonstration video of product assembly and usage

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